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Meander Gin
Tastes of Deurle

Tastes of Deurle

Between the meanders of the Leie, just about 10 km away from the city centre of Ghent, there is a small town called Deurle. This town known as an artist village is elected in 2008 as “most beautiful town of East Flanders”. Deurle is characterized by its sand-dunes (up to 18m high), its picturesque town center and its unique trees.

The Meander Gin honours the Town by summarising how Deurle would taste if you would destillate its main ingredients. To do so, its main botanical (linder blossom) honours the Linder Tree “De advocaat”.

The Linder Tree “De Advocaat” (The Lawyer) in Deurle was nominated as ‘”tree of the year” of Flanders in 2020 due to its unique story. “De Advocaat” was planted in Deurle next to another Linder Tree called “De Notaris” (The Notary) in 1767. Both Linder trees were considered as the gate between Deurle and Sint-Martens-Latem. “De Notaris” did not survive a storm in 1983, leaving “De Advocaat” alone. “De Advocaat” is considered as a monument and was referred to in poems and paintings.